Un Bloc Compromés amb el País Valencià

Freedom free

Last week, we knew that a young Spanish girl was condemned to twelve months jailed because of a joke, a simple and insignificant joke, a joke about the last president of Franco’s regime, a killer regime in which thousands of people were murdered in order to that legality. This sentence joins to other legal decisions, as the jailing of two theatre artists due to a representation or ten teenagers from Altsasu village due to a pub fight. Most of them are still jailed accused of terrorism.


Sometimes we read comparisons between Spain today and other countries, like Germany or Italy. Many people claim that these things are impossible there. It’s true. But they commit a mistake or almost forget an important detail: in Germany and Italy, fascists lost the war. In Spain, they won. And nobody has succeeded to change this status quo. So the logical consequence of those Franco’s forty years is another forty years under the same dominion.

However, Spain has now a chance to change. Finally, they can see that possibility. And it is due to a specific fact: Catalonia. The Catalan independence process is the unique hope so that Spain becomes a truly democratic country. But, for now, it is just a hope: while pro-independence Catalan leaders are being legally bared, several important Spanish politicians or journalists have threatened Catalan people with military actions. And this sad scene is unluckily not impossible nowadays.

If the second case wins and they apply penal and military measures against Catalan pro-independence people, we must recognise that the advertisement “Spain is different” would be today really true. In a country that uses a touristic campaign based in the concept Spain mark, maybe it would have arrived the moment to add a new label: “Spain, freedom free”. We don’t believe that it would be attractive for a lot of tourists, but we are sure that it would be studied in universities of all around the world.



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This entry was posted on 4 Abril 2017 by in Espanya.
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